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Nerd Trip Teaser: Where Is This?

Nerd Trip Teaser: Where Is This?

By on Oct 31, 2011 in Nerd Trip Teaser, Presidents | 0 comments

Hi Nerd Nation,

Do you recognize this house? Do you know where it is?

A presidential location in a Southern State

As more of my friends and family learn about Nerd Trips, they keep suggesting Nerd Trips when I visit. The problem is, I am getting very, very backlogged on posts. I am going lots of places, but haven’t had the time to write them up.

To keep things moving, I will post some Nerd Trip teasers: photos from recent trips. Can you guess where I’ve been recently? I will add some clues too.

This house involves a U.S. president who is not considered among the nation’s best. But, my friend Beth and I learned A LOT of interesting facts about him, including the fact that he didn’t learn to read or write until after he was married.

Also, this house is not on the site of its original location. In fact, this may not be the exact house where this president was born. However, there is strong evidence that there is. Happy sleuthing!

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