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Ben Franklin House – London

Ben Franklin House – London

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  • Date Posted: Feb 13, 2016
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  • Address: 36 Craven Street, London, England
Ben Franklin house, London (July 2013)

Ben Franklin house, London (July 2013)

One of America’s Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin actually lived in London for nearly 16 years, and he had a quite a time. You can learn more when you visit is London house, which you’ll find very near some famous London landmarks, just off Trafalgar Square on Craven Street.

There are several different tours, so check out the website for the latest information:

Here’s our Nerd Trips ABC’s

Admission fee: Check out the website for the latest admission fee.  You’ll pay more if you do the full “Historical Experience,” the Franklin House’s multimedia experience described as “museum as theatre.” It wasn’t offered the day we visited.

Bathrooms: I think they were okay, located in the basement where you start the tour.

Cars: It’s London, public transportation is great. The house is located right near Charing Cross Station and Trafalgar Square. I got there on the Tube. (And, in England, they drive on the left side of the road, which seems really scary to me).

Concessions/food: Again, the house is located in the heart of London, there’s lots of food options everywhere.

Coffee Cups (souvenirs): Small gift shop (also available online). I escaped with only a few postcards and resisted the Ben Franklin action figure.

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