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Jefferson’s Poplar Forest

Jefferson’s Poplar Forest

  • Author: Nerd Trips
  • Date Posted: Mar 17, 2014
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  • Address: 1542 Bateman Bridge Road, Forest, VA 24551-0419
Poplar Forest, Thomas Jefferson's other home

Poplar Forest, Thomas Jefferson’s other home

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Visitor information:

1542 Bateman Bridge Road (GPS)
Forest, VA 24551-0419
Telephone (434) 525-1806

Nerd Trips ABCs

A trio of souvenirs Nerd Trips in the spring of 2013

A trio of souvenirs Nerd Trips in the spring of 2013

Admission fee: Yes, purchase tickets in the gift shop. We paid about $15. You can buy tickets online.

Bathrooms: Okay

Concessions/food: The gift shop may have some candies and Virginia peanuts. There is not  a cafe or restaurant. There may have been a soda machine, I can’t recall.

Car/getting there: You have to drive. Here’s a link to directions.

Coffee cups (aka souvenirs): Extensive gift shop with books, gifts and keepsakes. I got a Thomas Jefferson doll.  You can check out some offerings online.

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