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Old St. Paul’s Cemetery, Baltimore

Old St. Paul’s Cemetery, Baltimore

Old St. Paul's Cemetery, Baltimore

Old St. Paul’s Cemetery, Baltimore

If you’re a history buff, at some point you’re probably going to be tromping through an old cemetery. Old St. Paul’s Cemetery in Baltimore is the final resting place of some illustrious citizens, including some famous generals and a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

The cemetery is private, so you have to be on a tour to get in. We went with the Baltimore Heritage Foundation. If you are in the neighborhood, there is a sign near the gate and you can seen inside.

You’ll find it on Redwood Street off Martin Luther King Blvd.

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Nerd Trips ABCs:

Admission fee: Sort-of. This is a private cemetery that’s normally locked. I went as part of guided tour with the Baltimore Heritage Foundation so there was a fee for that.

Bathrooms: None

Concessions/food: None

Cars/getting there: Street parking. There are some public buses with nearby routes.

Coffee cups (souvenirs): No gift shop, it’s a cemetery.

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