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The memorial for our 20th president, James Garfield, sits in Cleveland’s Lake View Cemetery and it is impressive!  Beyond the President, there are many other famous folks interred at Lake View, ranging from business tycoons to inventors. There are nearly 300 acres to explore.

12316 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland OH 44106

Nerd Trips ABC’s – These are the basics to help you plan your Nerd Trip.

Admissions: It’s a cemetery. It’s free. However, the Garfield memorial is only open from April to mid-November (check before you go, dates may have changed). 

Cemetery hours do vary a bit by season, so check the website for the latest information. It is an active cemetery (meaning that burials are still taking place) so you need to be aware and respectful.

Bathrooms: I don’t recall if the memorial had a bathroom. It was originally built in the late 18oos, so you may want to go before you get there; it is in the middle of a cemetery.

Concessions (aka food): Again, the Garfield memorial is located in a cemetery. There is no food there. However, the cemetery is in Cleveland, where there are lots of restaurants. The cemetery is near Cleveland’s Little Italy as well as Museum Circle, where you can find the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Cars (transportation): Car would be the easiest way to get there. I am unsure about public transportation near the cemetery.

Coffee cups (aka souvenirs):  They do have some souvenirs such as postcards, puzzles and books.

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