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  • Author: Nerd Trips
  • Date Posted: Mar 18, 2014
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  • Address: 3700 Hogge Road Parker TX 75002
Southfork Ranch, home to TV's "Dallas"

Southfork Ranch, home to TV’s “Dallas”

Southfork is real-life ranch that serves as the backdrop for the fictional TV show “Dallas.” You can visit the ranch outside of Dallas (the city) and tour the home, whose interior does not match the TV sets, however it is decorated like the fictional Ewings lived there in all the ’80s splendor. Southfork is all about “Dallas” and there are great stories about on-site filming and crazy fans.

3700 Hogge Road Parker TX 75002

We wrote about Southfork in three parts: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3

Nerd Trips ABCs

Admission fee: Yes, includes guided tour. Check website for latest prices. We paid about $15.

Bathrooms: Okay, located in the Visitors Center. They didn’t let us use JR’s bathroom.

Concessions/food: There is a Miss Ellie’s Deli on the grounds. It was not open when we were there.

Cars/getting there: We drove and had easy parking. Southfork hosts conventions, so there is lots of parking. There are also bus tours that go to Southfork. Here is a link to maps/directions.

Coffee cups (aka souvenirs): Southfork has two gift shops with lots of great stuff, ranging from memorabilia associated with the TV show to Texas-style clothing. You’re in luck, you can order things online! (I think I only picked up postcards).

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