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Just watched a great documentary about the White House on the History Channel, “The White House: Behind Closed Doors.” The special followed President George W. Bush and Laura Bush during some of their final days in the White House, including a state dinner with the president of Ghana. The documentary revealed lots of interesting details about life in the White House and featured some wondeful photos and historical footage.

I did not know that President Truman had to have the entire interior gutted and rebuilt in the late 1948 after the leg of his daughter’s piano fell through the floor.

I think I visited the White House once when I was a kid. I don’t know if the White House is too mainstream to be considered a nerd trip or, as the home of the current president, if it’s the ultimate nerd trip. If you can catch this show, I’d recommend it. Now I wish I had saved it on the DVR.

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