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When Nerd Trips Meets Matthews – Jack Kennedy: Elusive Hero, Part 2

When Nerd Trips Meets Matthews – Jack Kennedy: Elusive Hero, Part 2

By on Mar 11, 2012 in Authors/Poets, Baltimore Sites, Bonus Nerd Trips, Nerdy News, Presidents | 0 comments

Jack Kennedy coverNow to Part 2 of my encounter with Chris Matthews and his book “Jack Kennedy: Elusive Hero.”

Despite early word that the MSNBC host would not sign books, at the end of his talk, Matthews said he would stay to autograph copies for anyone who wanted them.

A dedication to Marge!

I don’t get to see Chris Matthews’ show much, but my mom watches a lot of talk shows and loves to discuss politics. She quizzes me on issues, but she often first needs to tell me the hot issue of the day! So, I had to get the book dedicated to my mom, Marge.

I had a lot of fun talking with the other folks in line. My “line mates” were funny and engaging, and clearly watched a lot more political programming than I do (I kept thinking my mom would have loved it!) They were a diverse group: well-read, well- informed and clearly like-minded, as you would expect for people standing in line at nine at night for Chris Matthews’ autograph.

Waiting in line to meet Chris Matthews

We all agreed that Matthews is much taller than we thought (6’3”, I Googled).  We also discussed the height of other commentators and politicians.

One lady, an older African-American woman, cracked me up as she stood there in baggy sweatpants and oversized t-shirt leaning on a cane calling Newt Gingrich “common” for, as she said, “going after Clinton and trying to impeach him with all of his own escapades.” From her appearance, some might have judged her as “common,” but there she stood taking on a former Speaker of the House and candidate for president!

When I got to talk to Chris Matthews, which was very briefly, he was very nice and down to earth.  I think I told him that I have a blog about presidential sites, but there was so much going on, I don’t think he even realized I was holding a sign. Here’s the picture:

With Chris Matthews and the Nerd Trips sign!

I think the photo is great! My brother thinks Matthews looks a little like Hannibal Lecter. My mom said she couldn’t read the bottom line on the sign ( Still, it was a lot of fun, and I am glad I took a chance and brought the sign!

Thanks to Chris Matthews for coming to Baltimore, the Pratt Library for holding the event, the nice library lady who took the photo and my “line-mates” who made the wait so enjoyable!

One footnote, I had to stay a little longer because Chris Matthews was basically holding my mom’s book hostage. Right after me, some of the library staff took a group photo.  They wanted Matthews holding his book, so they used Marge’s as a prop! I am still trying to see if the library posted it somewhere.

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