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Nerd Trips Takes a Field Trip

Nerd Trips Takes a Field Trip

By on Oct 13, 2015 in Nerdy News | 0 comments


FT-logo-horiz-A-350x-200-300x171Nerd Trips is taking a Field Trip, and you can too.

We are thrilled to announce that Nerd Trips is now a contributor to Google’s Field Trip app! Other Field Trip partners range from restaurant bloggers to the Food Network to the Travel Channel and Zagat’s – that’s some amazing company to be in.

Here’s how it works. When you install the free Field Trip app on your iPhone, Droid or other device, Field Trip will alert you when you come in close range of something historically or architecturally significant.

Here's the Field Trip card for the O.Henry museum in Austin

Here’s the Field Trip card for the O.Henry museum in Austin

When that happens, you’ll receive a “card” with content from a Field Trip publisher. For Nerd Trips, that’s anything from Baltimore’s Poe House to Lincoln’s boyhood home in Indiana to Austin’s O.Henry museum.

It’s all part of a project from a special division of Google called Niantic Labs. From what they explained to me (yes, I actually spoke to someone at Google!), they want to see if the phone can help people interact more with their environment. The app is designed ” to connect people to the history/architecture/world around them.”

Field Trip logo

So Nerd Trips is sort-of part of a global Google experiment. It’s kind-of cool, especially when you think about how often we miss the world around us because we have our faces in our phones.

Download the app and take a field trip. You never know what you’ll discover. Before you hit the road, you can see a preview with the Field Trip trailer:



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